Choosing the Right RTA Bathtub

Tips For Choosing The Right RTA Bathtub

The first thing you have to take into consideration is the size of the RTA bath tub that you want to purchase. If you’re currently a large family and your bathrooms are a bit small, then you might want to reconsider your decision if it still makes sense for your family. You’d be spending more on an RTA bath tub than an acrylic bathtub would.

Mix and Match: Don’t buy a bathtub that is exactly the same size as your existing soaking bathtub, and remember that either your old bathtub was a soaking bathtub, or you’re replacing it because you have a bigger family. When the time come to replace your soaking bathtub, you’ll be surprised at the selection of soaking bathtubs that are available on the market.

Not Usually Brand Names: When the decision comes down to shopping, always try to pick a brand name that is not often brand names. Many large companies that you will find on the market place will actually include a few different colors in their range of bathtubs. If the bathtub is an RTA bathtub, then you can go with whatever color you choose. Many suppliers will offer a choice of colors for purchase.

Select Quality: Finally, what makes a quality bathtub? Because RTA bathtubs are actually bathtubs, well, you know when you buy an RTA bathtub, you’re buying quality at a reduced price. Not all bathtubs will be RTA bathtubs and that’s why when you go to buy a bathtub, you should always select one from a quality supplier that stating that their bathtubs are all RTA bathtubs. Deciding between an acrylic bathtub versus a fiberglass bathtub, while offering the same benefits, can result in very different results as far as the cost, the size, and the look of your bathtub.

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To help you select the right RTA bath tub for your home, here are some quick tips to consider:

The overall cost: When you’re buying a bathtub, costs are on your mind, but you may not be thinking about costs when you’re buying an RTA bathtub. Remember that RTA bathtubs are actually bathtubs that are ready to assemble and you’re going to find that with bathtubs, one of your worst mistakes can turn out to be purchasing a bathtub that you don’t know what condition you’re going to get. By giving yourself time to comparison shop, you are able to compare the prices from the different suppliers to help you find the right bathtub for the right price.

From a quick survey of bathtub suppliers, I found over 150 bathtub companies selling RTA – installs for around 1500 dollars seaside and every exchange or site. Bathtub suppliers do a decent business, particularly when they sell from a trusted name, but some bathtub suppliers have been known to defraud people on their website finding differently priced steam bathtubs for themselves and then taking your money. These are some of the tips that you’re going to want to look for when you’re shopping for an RTA bathtub, ask about how the tubs are delivered and get in contact with the supplier, he’ll be glad that you asked.

Liquid versus mass: You’re already taking baths, right? Since so many bathtubs are sold by the bathtub companies, you go with the bathtub. RTA bathtubs ship in a small package, which is different than traditional bathtubs. Activity can create executives to flavorsbaths demand, and the bathtub companies are not the ones that can ship the RTA bathtubs to you in a reasonable about.

Cabinets vs. Doors: Bathtubs that come to the united states are all made to be fitted inside your bathrooms, but if you’re buying a RTA bathtub, you get to choose whether or not you want doors; they ship in every piece. If doors are important to you, then you need to remember that most bathtub suppliers are going to require you to build the cabinets in your bathrooms, so you need to know if they are ready for construction.